Most recently, I researched the motives and needs of nonprofit newsroom founder for the Institute for Nonprofit News. You can read my findings here.

While an editorial intern at The Nation, I conducted research for the Behind the Numbers section. I also examined the Nation’s digital archives and compiled materials on the Cuban embargo for a cover story, collaborated with another intern to analyze work stoppages using BLS data for labor reporting, and researched various economic policy topics for a retrospect of Occupy Wall Street.

In 2020, I researched for First Draft News, where I employed Boolean queries on Tweetdeck, Google, and Facebook’s ad library to find problematic content. On Election Night, I found an official lying on Twitter, which was later referenced by The Washington Post. I flagged the news of the Democratic Party of North Carolina suing the Board of Elections for closing a polling site, and collaborated to geolocate where a misleading viral anti-Black Lives Matter interview was filmed.

In addition, I have conducted research for Resolve Philly, the AFL-CIO, and others.